Man, then a boy. Woman, then a girl, seated opposite to each other in the city’s popular cafe. Who knew, they would become best friends forever in the next few seconds time. Can a girl and a boy stay as friend forever? The statement can be true in certain stories.

10 years later on his wedding day, she realizes that there is no one like him. Memories flashes back to the day at the cafe. Conversations were quite boring but he had patience to listen. They have seen seasons together. The cold winters and blossoming springs. When there were heartaches, they called each other to see if friendship could solve the issues. Most of them got solved over a cup of coffee and their silly laughter.

The bride’s magenta lehenga struck a memory of how a few years earlier on a weekend they both sneaked out to buy the first ever gift for his girlfriend. The girl is now someone else and she is glad that her friend has now got someone better.

His mom is her’s too. Every-time college hostel food menu remained the same for weeks together, she ran to his house to devour food that is made with a pinch of love. It tasted the same every time she visited him at his place.  

He had his own way of bringing cheer to her world, giving her hope of a brighter tomorrow and making her believe in true love. For years together, she considered his theory invalid, until recently, she found the man of her choice.

The impositions she has written for him or the battles she fought by his side or the late night discussions, everything had a tag of true friendship. That is one of the best things to have in life; a true friend.

A boy and a girl, now a man and a woman stay as ‘Best Friends Forever’ is a beautiful fairy tale.