As I write, somewhere in the corner of the Pak Tai street in Hong Kong, the small **Bao eatery would have opened to serve hot steamy homemade fluffy buns. Smile has no language, and that’s how I made friends with the short lady who runs the shop. Eager to know whether I enjoyed what she had served, she used to look at me and smile. And I remember, reflecting her smile back to approve of her Bao. It is easy to get addicted to someone’s smile and may be that is why I chose to eat at her place till the day I left Hong Kong. There is no name board for her shop, yet she branded it with her smile. There is always a queue in-front of her shop every evening. An unwritten sign that says, the place serves good food. A branding strategy done right; a smile and food made with sprinkles of love and authenticity.

**Bao is a filled steamed bun delicacy in Chinese cuisine.