If you are a Lover of poetry, verses, rhymes and arts; you should definitely be joining a group of young theatre artists at the Rangoli Metro Art Center(Bangalore) on May 12th.

Interactive theatre is not a new idea. It has been tried, tested and improvised by stage artists throughout the world. But what ‘Art Cross Theatre Main’, the group behind ‘Arz Kiya Hai’ will bring to you will be a new concept all together. Sumit Acharya and the co-founder Vishal Bhandary deserve absolute appreciation for blending western concept with Indian tradition and bringing it on a single platter. Lets see what the show director Sumit Acharya got to say 48 hours before the performance. Read on.

Vishal & Sumit

Vishal & Sumit (Pic credit: Pradyota Prakash)

Arz Kiya Hai simply means ‘quote’. The prefix is used by a shayar (a poet)  to inform hearers that he is ready to perform.

Sumit Acharya comes with a 13 years of strong theatre experience and imagine what wonders he can create with a set of co-artists mentored by him. He said, “ We are a land of multiple languages and in each language we have poetry with deep meaning that are capable of creating a flow of emotions. Bring them to us and we will recreate them on the stage.”

Spontaneity is the attractiveness of any interactive theatre. At ‘Arz Kiya Hai’ too the artists will be performing on the spot based on the poems recited by voluntary members of the audience. Sumit explained, “ I would love to call the artists of Arz Kiya Hai, ‘Kala Shayar’ which is a Hindi word that can be translated as ‘Artist Poets’. They instantly make poems inspired by original verses of the audience and enact them magically on the stage.”

Kala Shayar

Kala Shayars

If you thought Sumit and his Kala Shayars are coming without any rehearsals, you are wrong. They have been learning the nuances of this new format and practicing thoroughly for the last few weeks. Sumit added, “ we have categorized the performance possibilities to various sub-formats. For example, some of the poems entails conversations that the poet want to communicate in real but never happened. In such a scenario, there will be two Kala Shayars on the stage. One will be enacting as a poet and another as the person whom the poet wants to communicate with. Poetic performance would have 6-7 different sub formats.”

Anyways, this is not the first time the kala-shayars has exhibited this special interactive theatre performance in front of the audience. Last time they performed the response was overwhelming . This show too is expected to be a crowd puller. The show intends to create a mushaira (*a poetic symposium) vibe, a grandeur evening with Kala shayars who can convert raw poetry to a theatre performance. The performance would have kala-Shayars, music and lights improvising together which transcends performance to magical clouds.

Well, curiosity will always kill the cat. So instead of sitting at home wondering how Sumit’s team would perform on my favourite verses, I am going to be a part of the happiness. Hope you guys too will come down for the show.


Cast and crew: Anirudhh Jain, Jatin , Charit Mahajan, Shivesh Ranjan, Nidhi Sharma, Yeshaswini Balaram,Uddipta Basu, Prasad Punage, Saurabh Gupta and Sumit Acharya 

Show Director: Sumit Acharya

Production Head: Vishal Bhandary

Dates: 5  pm and 8 pm on May 12th 

Venue: Rangasthala, Rangoli Metro Art Center, MG Road (Bangalore)

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