2 years already? I am not able to believe it. Well, going by instincts is ingrained in my DNA, and finding you guys were absolutely accidental and bliss. The doors opened to a home rather than to a house. Comfort rather than faked hospitality. A home schooled child, a daring photographer, a spiritual mother, a young entrepreneur and a wonderful chef. I still remember how that specific evening redefined my meaning of togetherness. Vaayudhwani, one of the housemate said, “She adopts family members”, and I still find it as a ‘Wow’ idea. Not everybody feel belonged to the family one is born and brought up, do they?

The magician photographer captured me, solidified my different moods and output looks more real than my actual life. It is after having a couple of conversations in prior, I took the decision to meet this strange man of the house. Photography was the major intention and for that I had to wait long hours. I am sure, Natraaj sir, the protagonist of the story would have found me very difficult to handle. Majorly because I cannot stay still at a place and second, he wants the picture done the way he always imagined. Forget about the photography part, what makes the home interesting is the spiritual side of the people living in it. I think they can all read minds and I still wonder what is in the meditation room of the house! Well, just because normal people cannot perceive certain ideas, doesn’t mean it is not true. I was feeling a supernatural energy in the home and didn’t want to ask any questions to the person who owns it. Some things are better left unsaid, isn’t it?

Dear friends and readers living in Mumbai, go and meet Shri. Naatraj Maharshi. The visit might change your opinion about arts, photography and spirituality.