Whether it be a garbage dump on the road or heavy traffic, stinky pothole, uneducated youth, innumerable rape cases, accident deaths to the latest Indian predicament, standing in a long queue in front of banks; 90% of the public does blame the government.

Everyone forgets that the government is the elected citizens themselves. Before expecting the change to happen from the top most hierarchy down towards the base; let us all for a change brush up on our responsibilities as a citizen. If you don’t know where to start from; get inspired by this story of Pratyush Joshi; who helped a community solve umpteen minor and major civic issues through registering complaints at Rajasthan Sampark web portal and with the help of government officials. Complaining is not a great virtue; but public will excuse Pratyush; because he intends a change in the society. Pratyush in his early twenties is an engineer by profession and a civil service aspirant. He is a humble young man with unambiguous views. Read on to know more about how this young lad defines the true meaning of an Indian citizen with integrity.fb_img_1480123483604-3

A people person, a true Samaritan or a responsible citizen; what defines you the best and why?
None of the above because I did nothing special; I just used the government policies to help myself and also the people around me who were unaware of these policies and as an educated person it is my morale duty to speak in the favor of public interest.

Sampark Rajasthan Digital Portal; tell us more about it and how did you become familiar with it?
Sampark Rajasthan portal is a medium for a common man to reach the various departments of the state government for his/her queries and concerns. The issues are fast solved with the help of telecommunication tools and web portal. I became familiar with it through newspapers and the Rajasthan government website.

http://www.kenfolios.com/sampark-pratyush-jodhpur/ (* Read another article about Pratyush that appeared in Kenfolios)


Do we have portals like Sampark in other states as well, how do we found out?
I have no idea about it to be honest but, through my sources in different states like Gujarat, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh etc told me that there is no such website like Sampark portal.

Being a civil service aspirant, why did you choose engineering as a career?
Being a science student, it was my dream to become an engineer. I am a civil service aspirant as  well because I want to be a part of positive change in the country and work towards its betterment.

More than 105 civic issues solved, on the basis of the complaints given by you; how do you decide on which problem is the prime concern? 
My prime concern focus is on those beetle issues which are of general public concern; which we deal every day like electricity crisis, water crisis, issues concerning rural education, public health issues and maintenance of hygiene, sanitation and drainage system.

Tell us the worst civic issue solved by the government because of your interference?
The worst civic issue solved by the Rajasthan government was in Pali district; where there was water crisis for the last 8 years. People wrote the letter to the government authorities but no action was taken. I got involved, lodged a complaint in Rajasthan Sampark and the issue was resolved within seven days.

 Where did it all began; the need to help the society or is it an urge by a common man with high conscience? 
It began with an urge by a common man with high conscience in early 2014; I shifted with my family to the outskirts of the city and I noticed piles of garbage in my locality. At first I didn’t know how to fix these problems and stumbled upon Sampark, while trying to find an apt solution to solve these issues.

Demonetization is the true demon battled by Indians today. What is your take on it and if given a chance how would you solve the problem?

Demonetization is a step to eradicate corruption and inflow of fake currency through neighboring countries. I endorse Modi Ji our respected Prime Minister but sudden execution of this act has created a chaos in this country. I am unsure of what is the major intention behind the changes made but I truly hope for the best. The execution could have been much better without affecting public.

If I was to solve the issue; I would ban 500 Rupee note, ATM will be well calibrated, police and bank staffs will be trained and people will be encouraged to open accounts in the bank.

Pratyush’s Vision

My vision is to use digitization to change the Indian society. Because I believe that is the only path to real development. And when a country starts developing the happiness index eventually increases.

Of course in today’s generation of utmost destructive selfishness, India certainly needs people like you. Let your visions become a reality soon. All the best