Vishal Thakur, needs introduction. He isn’t a name that the literary world is familiar with. But those who read his WordPress stories will be amazed by the kind of fiction he churns out on a daily basis. Before reading this interview; please feel free to read his fictional stories @ And then I am sure, you will come back and continue reading this interview. Read on….

Why do you write?

For many, writing could just be a career option that is emerging very quickly, but it is a dream for me. It helps me discover things about me that I never knew. I feel proud to accept that it is the only field that I feel is right for me.  Writing is like a road-map to me that helps find my own way. I believe I have stories that I should share with others.

I enjoy writing on any topic, and want to master different writing styles. I take writing as my reputation and try to make every piece of writing original and interesting for readers.  


Where do you live, what do you do for a living and basically, tell us more about you?

I have been living in Chandigarh for three years and working in an organization as a writer and copy editor. Before arriving in ‘The City Beautiful’, I was in Ludhiana, Punjab where I have spent my life’s 17 years. Basically, I belong to Himachal Pradesh where I was born and lived for first seven years of life.

Before starting my writing career more than five years ago, I did Masters in Computer Applications. But it was my interest in writing that made me pursue career in the field. In addition to writing for an organization, I am also working on a novel with a fictional storyline.


How do you define yourself as a writer?   

As a writer, I believe I have control over the world in my mind. While writing, I allow my mind to fly free and explore the never-ending universe of thoughts. I write only when I get an idea that could be a cool piece of writing.

When it is about writing professionally, I apply my skills needed in every platform and technology. I keep in my mind that my clients need excellent content that is capable of grabbing attention of online readers.


Do you have any published work? If so tell us more about it.

A big part of my journey as a professional writer includes me writing as a ghost writer. Still, some of my articles have been published in some local newspapers. All of them are related to some brands or a company’s services.


Why do you want to visit ISS and what is your agenda?     

From last more than two years, I have been writing more and more about space science. Most of it includes what’s going on in the universe, planets and International Space Station (ISS). I have covered how the habitable space station works, how astronauts perform different types of experiments there and what makes ISS an important satellite for the world. I want to feel what happens when human body experiences zero gravity and how earth looks from the space. I have a dream to write about the whole experience.


What is your idea about authorpreneurship?

Being an ardent full-time writer, I firmly believe in the idea of authorpreneurship and the need of promoting your work on a bigger platform. I promote my blog on various social networking websites to acquire more readers. One can also use these platforms to give observations on instances and get followers with like-minded ideologies and sense of humor.


Too many authors, too many genres and old fashioned bookshops under catastrophe; how to stand out among clutter?

In the last few years, I have noticed that publishing a book isn’t a daunting task. Plus, the world entering the digital age has made it easy for writing-enthusiasts to share their stories and ideas with worldwide people without making much effort. But most of the modern writers are trying to lure reader with fancy words. In an attempt to make their work appear unique, many of them are making their writing complex and clumsy. Different from these writers, I believe in keeping my writing simple and easy-to-understand. I try to write a piece-of-writing that anyone can understand, including those who are not expert in English language.


Who are you favorite authors and titles?  

I am a huge fan of fictional novels, and have read many authors. When it is about my favorite authors, I will include Paulo Coelho, Khaled Hosseini, Khushwant Singh and Amish Tripathi in the list. At one side, Afghan-American novelist Khaled Hosseini’s ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ and ‘The Kite Runner’ takes a reader on some exciting fictional journeys, while Amish Tripathi’s Shiva Trilogy is an example how to turn myths of the Lord Shiva into a tale of extraordinary man.


Tell us more about your upcoming projects   

Currently, I am working on a fictional story ‘Journey From Pitch To Pen’ which I have posted on my blog. The story revolves around a kid who wants to be a professional cricketer and ends up being a writer. In the journey of life, he deals with issues like getting separated from his grandparents, on-off relationship with his father and his childhood friend.

In a year or two, I am planning to publish my first novel with a fictional storyline. In the book, I am trying to take on mythology. It will be different from most of today’s fictional novels which are based on love stories. I have been working on the novel from last more than three years and hopefully will complete in next few months.


Vishal’s Message. I Cherish. Thank You! 

I truly enjoyed going through your website and appreciate the effort to introduce new artists and talents. Wish you good luck and hope for larger growth of this platform.  

Like dancing, painting and many others, writing is also an art form that requires hard work, patience and determination. Sometimes, you may face criticism, but you shouldn’t give up and keep on following your passion.