Nameeta Renchi

A writer. A journalist.

An eternal lover of stories.


Hi Guys,

I remember those days I spent dreaming of writing, nothing in particular, but something that makes people happy and keep them thinking differently. This website is the materialization of my longstanding dream. I may write for a reason or for no reason, but I will keep writing either for you or me.

I hold a second rank in MS. in Communication from Bangalore University and I always knew my pen and paper was something that is gonna give me my daily bread. I worked with Point of Purchase magazine, Dainik Jagran Cityplus newspaper and a few other private firms for quite some time. And this is my new venture for the sake of writing, reading and sharing.

I always loved storytellers; a story could transport me to an entirely different universe. My love for words, sentences and stories will never fade away. So, if you have got a story you are always welcome to share it with me over a cup of hot home made coffee. Guess what, I am also an above average story teller, who can help you churn out stories, content and write ups. I may be one of the friendliest content creator you may come across in the city, enthusiastically waiting to converse with anybody on my way. I believe we all have got a story to share or rather we live stories everyday.

Well, whether it is technical or non-technical content, I can help you create them the way you like it. All you have to do is to run through my contact page and get in touch with me. Whether you are a storyteller, a writer or a good reader; you are at the right place.

Nameeta Renchi