Remembering all the kinds of pets I ever had in my home. A squirrel who lost a part of the tail, another squirrel who thought he is a human and had no skills to climb a tree, a one legged crow who grew up with love birds in a cage, rabbits with no family planning, a lovable Pomeranian, fishes of gold and a brown furred Cocker spaniel.

It is always my mum and bro who is more compassionate about beings from a different food chain level. I always like to pet them for a maximum 10 minutes. After that, I like them to be in their respective confined spaces. This idea of mine completely ripped off of my mind, when I started living with my brother’s pet Cocker Spaniel. For someone who believes in cleanliness is godliness theory, to live with a dog 24/7 is an outrageous act. For a few days I struggled, but then slowly I started understanding the movements, barks and emotional outflows. Now I am a convert, from I don’t like pets at all to I love certain pets. What it takes to be a pet lover is to just get used to the pure innocence these beings have for all. Unfortunately, most of us are used to the adulterated love and fake emotions that the world offers. I insist; when you are tired of the world, get a pet. Faith will be restored.