The life has changed for me superfast. From a casual college going student to a workaholic professional, transition was not easy.  Sitting at one place gluing to the work desk, meeting people with bogus smile, being a ninja in the era of survival of the fittest, carrying an attitude which is completely not me and dealing with office ‘politricks’. Oh Man, this is not what I want in my life.

Some 14 years back in a class of 30 students, when teacher asked what I want to pursue in my life I remember a confident young girl stood up and said, “I want to be a journalist, a writer.” Perhaps she didn’t even know the meaning of journalism, but she knows it now.  Where did I lose that confidence? Where did I bury my dreams?  Even when I got a chance to work with big names in the media industry, I was not happy.  Writing only what others want to read, carefully segmented news, to a perfectly pitched audience, word limits, right punctuation, clean copy, smirk of the editor, last minute rejections, unfriendly officials, peanut pay slips, sarcasm in the family, readers criticisms and ambiguous future thoughts. The happiness of writing was long lost. I was content writing a school composition or a four line poem appreciated by a small crowd which included my friends and teachers better than a paid writing job.

At 12 in the night I am looking at the books piled up at the desk I bought out of love to read. When am I going to find some time to read those books? I decide a date, the date will cheat me and I date my work ditching my books. I stare at my diary, half of the pages unfilled because procrastination is my new found hobby.  I meet people of my age, all they want to know is how much I earn, who I date, what is your plan and nobody seems interested in listening to a story. Everybody accepts only facts with proof these days. The trend of coffee house conversations, opinion leaders, voicing for a genuine need and writing for the love of writing is getting extinct.

That’s when I decided, I want to start a regular blogging space where there are no word limits, and where there will be no topics to write for, where there are no language barrier and an unlimited freedom of writing appreciating all kinds of writing style in a readable format.  I am finally here updating my blog in this website, a utopian space for all writers, readers and sharers. Like how enthusiastically a lover writes a love letter, I want to make writing a unique experience to all.

If writing was just about making money, creating a pool of readership and building business, we wouldn’t have seen some prominent writers of all time like Charles Dickens, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Anne Frank, R. K. Narayan and many others.  Well, even if a person asks me why I write, I will assure them it is not because I have a good vocabulary, an awesome writing style, flawless grammar expertise or inborn talent to write. I do not have any of these, I write because I love the art of writing. And I am writing.